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South Carolina DOR Addresses State Conformity to Internal Revenue Code from 2021 through 2023

South Carolina’s Guide to Internal Revenue Code Conformity from 2021 – 2023, S.C. Dept. of Rev. (8/23). The South Carolina Department of Revenue (Department) issued guidance explaining South Carolina’s “substantial” conformity to the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and how recent federal changes to the IRC enacted in 2021 and 2022 have necessitated guidance for South Carolina taxpayers (as well as tax professionals) in preparing their current year South Carolina income tax returns and South Carolina amended returns for some prior years. According to the Department, the goal of this guide is to assist taxpayers in understanding the federal income tax laws to which South Carolina currently conforms, and the South Carolina tax consequences when South Carolina does not adopt certain federal income tax laws. The guidance includes various charts listing specific provisions of the IRC that are not adopted by South Carolina. Please contact us with any questions.

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