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acquisition services:


  • Financial Due Diligence: Buyers require insights into the financial performance of the target business, confirming critical information about contracts, customers, and financial history.

  • Tax Due Diligence: Understanding the tax obligations and liabilities tied to the company is paramount. This entails a thorough examination of all tax liabilities, including income taxes, payroll taxes, sales and use taxes, and excise taxes.

  • Tax-Efficient Structuring of the Acquisition: Analyzing and advising on various deal structures to maximize tax benefits for the purchaser while minimizing the tax burden on the seller.

  • Negotiating Deal Terms: We offer assistance in optimizing value during negotiations. Our team's expertise helps purchasers understand the target entity's financial position and identify key negotiation strategies.

  • Financing Assistance

  • Business Valuation Services


divestiture services

  • Pre-Deal Planning: Organizing your financial records and implementing financial policies to maximize value.

  • Planning for Strategy Implementation: Developing and implementing a sales strategy that aligns with the seller's goals.

  • Financial Statement Audit: Conducting audits or reviews to uncover accounting policy issues and financial data inconsistencies.

  • Business Valuation Services

  • Quality of Earnings Report: A deep dive into financial and operating information, focusing on EBITDA to reveal the true earning power of the company

  • Deal Planning


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