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Ohio: Updated Information Releases Address 2023 Law Changes to CAT Exclusion and Annual Minimum Tax

Commercial Activity Tax CAT 2005-12 – Request for Member of a Combined Taxpayer Group to File Separately, Ohio Dept. of Tax. (updated 12/21/23); CAT 2007-02 – Pre-Income Tax Trusts, Explained with Revocation Procedures, Ohio Dept. of Tax. (updated 12/21/23). The Ohio Department of Taxation issued an updated information release on how a member of a combined Ohio commercial activity tax (CAT) group may request to file separately from the combined taxpayer group if the group member agrees to certain conditions, reflecting operating budget legislation enacted in 2023 [see H.B. 33 (2023)for more details on this legislation] that removes Ohio’s CAT minimum tax and increases the taxable gross receipts exclusion from the current first $1 million to the first $3 million beginning in 2024 and to the first $6 million beginning in 2025. Similarly, another updated information release explains the registration and filing responsibilities of pre-income tax trusts for CAT purposes and reflects the same 2023 Ohio law changes. Please contact us with any questions.

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